Hey, I'm Glue. I have been an active Brawlhalla competitor for the last 5 years, and I've been playing the game for 7. I spend most of my time playing 2v2s, and I would consider myself a 2s player. I have experience coaching every level of player, brand new silvers, hard stuck plats, semi-pros trying to go pro, and already established professionals. Coaching communications are done exclusively through Discord. I am comfortable with doing both voice chat and text chat lessons. I'm a North American player, specifically on US-E. I am able to work with players from all regions, all that matters is that you speak English. I can only do sparring on NA, West is fine. My achievements include 22x top 32 in official tournaments with multiple of those being in top 16, 2600+ elo for multiple years, and 2700 peak elo.

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