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I am Andreas aged 31, currently a PhD candidate and teaching university students the subject of Geology. I am playing TFT since launch date. Having experience in both League of Legends and TFT playing in every season/set and achieving always a higher ranking than diamond on multiple accounts. My accomplishments in each TFT set specifically are the following(peaks): -Set 1- Diamond 1 -Set 2 - Grandmaster, -Set 3-Challenger Rank 9. While in Set 3 i... Read more

Testimonials (2)

  • “Had a fantastic session, very thorough with current state of Set 8. Gave extra info and context for meta, why we played the way we did with what we were given, and helped frame our goal shifting as we played. Incredibly knowledgeable experience; coach has a fantastic understanding of fundamentals as always and I learned a lot.”


  • “had a great explanation about the units ond how this new patch works that helped me reach my masters on this season, he has been my coach scince season 3 and he took me from silver to challenger. Hes got great knowledge in this game no matter the set.”


  • Available 11:30 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $25
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

Training Plans


League of Legends

League of Legends

1 lessons

Live sessions

A basic 1 hour session covering your mistakes and decisions on a recorded gameplay! I will analyze everything possible while pausing on key moments!


$25.00 USD
Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

4 lessons

Live sessions