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Hey, my name is Litiq and I'm a former professional Hearthstone player. I've been coaching full-time since 2017. I started coaching TFT as well in 2019 a few months after the game released. I am currently Rank 1 with 1600 LP (#1 EUNE and TOP10 GLOBAL). I peaked 1600 LP in TFT (Top 1 Challenger) & Rank 1 Legend on EU in Hearthstone. I've been blessed to have coached over 9000 hours and been able to teach for a living. During this time I helped co... Read more

Testimonials (15)

  • “Litiq is the man. I've worked with him years ago when we played Hearthstone, and then made the transition to TFT. I've hit Masters every set since working with Litiq, this set we are aiming for Challenger and I've already hit GM for the first time and am top 400. He will make you a better TFT player in the sense that you will be better at TFT, no matter the set. He teaches fundamentals, mechanics, and has me on my way to having Challenger precision. Definitely worth the investment if you have any TFT related goals, Litiq is the dude to get you there. - joejoeKARATE”


  • “Litiq's knowledge of the game is immense. After working with him for just over 5 live sessions and a handful of replay reviews, I have seen great improvements in my gameplay and results, climbing about 200/300lp in high elo. He has a great ability to pinpoint and correct common fundamental errors in my gameplay and has introduced me to critical concepts that I would have struggled to master alone such as playing strongest board, late-game positioning/scouting ideas, and leveling/rolling patterns. He is clearly incredibly passionate about the game of TFT and wants to see you improve. I would highly recommend his services to any competitive player.”


  • “When I came to Litiq for coaching I was a plat player in TFT. I was really interested in pushing myself to the next level and eventually hitting challenger. Litiq has helped me set realistic goals and expectations and has been a great coach. Within my first month of coaching I went from plat to master 254 lp, and now I plan to push challenger in set 8. I would recommend Litiq to anyone looking to improve in TFT and up their game to the next level. He is a phenomenal coach with tons of experience coaching and playing the game. He will help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.”


  • “Litiq is a real coach. While he is a great player himself and very knowledgeable about the game, what separates him from many other top players, is he has a good grasp on how to teach you the little things that will help you improve, and why you should be playing a certain way. If you want to get serious about your play, Litiq's coaching is a fantastic place to start.”

    Mark Haber

  • “Excellent and clear communication. Very intentional with lessons and focusing on fundamentals and key concepts.”

    Josh Rayden

  • “Great Meta knowledge and thorough explanations combine to make a great coach.”


  • “Stared D4 and made it to masters. Very coherent with your objectives and how to get better. You will climb, especially if you're attentive to his advice.”


  • “Litiq is super knowledgeable about the game and really emphasizes what you need to work on. He also goes in-depth about the decisions you are making and decisions you should/should not make. He also shows his POV about things as well, so you get the best of both worlds. He is super respectful and keeps the feedback 100% real with you, which is essential for being a better player. He's always on time, responsive, and consistently there to answer questions. Highly recommend Litiq to anyone looking for a coach.”


  • “Litiq was helpful in the session we had together. He clearly pointed out what I did well and the areas I should improve one, and I learned more about the improvement area in the live games we played afterwards. I would recommend him to players that want to improve in TFT.”


  • “It was great, I feel like even in my first sesion I learned a lot of things and I was able to ask about many decisions and understand more about his playstyle.”


  • “Litiq is a great coach - he was able to immediately identify common errors and areas for improvement. Highly recommended!”


  • Available 10:00 AM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $5
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

5 lessons

Live sessions

1-on-1 live sessions are great for me to show you how the game is being played in high elo and to answer all questions you might have. I designed my live session to work together with Replay Reviews where the main focus would be to give you feedback especially tailored for you! I highly recommend booking 2 hours at once where we can fit 3 games we play together!
Session quantity Price
5 - 9 10% off
10 - 14 15% off
15+ 20% off


$30.00 USD

Replay reviews



4 lessons

Live sessions

Replay reviews