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Hey, my name is Litiq and I'm a full-time TFT coach & part-time professional player & former professional Hearthstone/Poker player. I am the #1 coach on Metafy and the only coach to hold Top Mentor each month while also being the highest-rated player on the platform. I've been coaching full-time since 2017. I started coaching TFT as well in 2019 a few months after the game was released. I finished Rank 1 Chall 1715 LP in Set 9 which is also my peak. Consistently TOP 10 on the EU ladder. I finished 2nd in my National League and qualified for EU regionals. I've been blessed to have coached over 15000 hours and been able to teach for a living. During this time I helped countless students reach their goals. I am very passionate about the games I play and the students I coach. I'm also a friendly person, so whether you're a beginner, a regular, or an aspiring pro, I'll treat you with respect. My coaching availability is very flexible. If you don't see a time slot that works on your schedule, please message me on Discord and we can find a time that suits you!

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Live 1:1 sessions are calls with the expert during which they share their wisdom with you as you play.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics

5 lessons
1-on-1 live sessions are great for me to show you how the game is being played in high elo and to answer all questions you might have. I designed my live session to work together with Replay Reviews where the main focus would be to give you feedback especially tailored for you! I highly recommend booking 2 hours at once where we can fit 3 games we play together!
Session quantity Price
5 - 9 10% off
10 - 14 15% off
15+ 20% off


$40.00 USD