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Gomi's Dojo 1 on 1 Mechanics Training

Rocket League
Rocket League
1 Session 1 hour $25

Hello, my name is Gomi. I'm currently the top 25 RLCS coach for Lotus 8 Esports. For the past 3 years I've had experience coaching multiple teams in EU and NA, and have had hundreds of 1 on 1 coaching sessions with players of all ranks, including multiple top 100 players. All of this amounts to over 2000 hours of coaching experience. Mechanical Training: During our workshop together, we will focus on competitive mechanics that are suited to your level. You will submit a 5 minute recording of a freeplay session, and we will decide what your training focus should be from there. Our session(s) will include: • Dedicated 1 on 1 training • Tips for developing high quality form for approaching any play • A full training split with 14 custom made training packs that have everything needed to develop GC+ level mechanics quickly and efficiently Keep in mind there are no restrictions on what we can train, however it should be understood that this training is intended to have a competitive focus. Fundamentals such as ground plays and aerial shooting are the bread and butter of my training program, as these are primarily what you will be using to climb through the ranks. Advanced mechanic training such as flip resets and air dribbles are available if the player has the appropriate skill to do so, but freestyle mechanics such as Maktufs, Breezis, etc are not something I have expertise in.

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