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Gomi's Dojo 1 on 1 Replay Review

Rocket League
Rocket League
1 Session 1 hour $25

Hello, my name is Gomi. I'm currently the top 25 RLCS coach for Lotus 8 Esports. For the past 3 years I've had experience coaching multiple teams in EU and NA, and have had hundreds of 1 on 1 coaching sessions with players of all ranks, including multiple top 100 players. All of this amounts to over 2000 hours of coaching experience. Replay Analysis: Together we will go over multiple (1-3) replays together to highlight the biggest deficiencies in our play and come up with solutions to help you grow as a player and reach new heights in ranked. Our session(s) will include: • 1 hour of thorough gameplay review - 1 on 1 or as a group • Statistical analysis of matches played • Detailed notes for elements of your gameplay that need to be worked on

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