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5 Sessions 5 hours $50

Showing you the best way to go about playing lance, I'll go over all the ends and outs, combos, reads, and the best way to use your movekit all at a affordable price. I've consistently been the rank 1 vector and in the top 10 ulgrim players globally, as well as one of the highest PR lance player in us-e

Sessions Overview

Lance Movekit

1 hour

Explaining every move on lance and how to use it in the most efficient way after this session you'll be able to know exactly what move to go for in each situation you come across (combos, strings, and general gameplan as well)

How to kill on Lance

1 hour

One thing I see a lot of lance players struggle with is killing, I'll explain exactly why lance players struggle with killing and show you how the best of the best find that stock ending punish

Lance tech

1 hour

Going over all the lance tech, some of this hasn't even been fully mastered by the best of the best but I grantee after this session your understanding of the use case will make this tech just click into your gameplay

Lance Deadzone

1 hour

To end it all off I'll explain how to use everything we learned to cover lance weaknesses so your opponent can't find any easy way to counter you (also I'll be answering any questions you might have)

How to Extend

1 hour

Showing you how you can grantee yourself more damage off of lance, I'm usually credited as one of the best of building a ton of damage so you'll learn a lot off of this alone

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