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Hey, I am Metsanauris. I've been a professional Rocket League player for 6 years in the RLCS. Now I will be fully focusing on coaching. I've played at the biggest stages in the world, my most notable achievements are making The RLCS World championships grand final, three top 3 placements at RLCS World championships, and being the Eleague Major Lan Champion. I have played the game for 14,000 hours, and every single one of those hours I've been focusing on improving and becoming a better player. I've dedicated my life to becoming a better Rocket League player and I've learned a ton about how to improve as an individual. I want to share my experience and help others that are dedicated to wanting to improve in this game, and I truly feel like I can help all individuals in reaching their goals. I've worked with many sports psychologists and coaches in esports, which I've learned how to improve in every part of esports and Rocket League. I can help and teach anyone all the way from bronze to RLCS players, since I've been every single rank in this game at some point, and eventually made it to RLCS. I have worked with players with all kinds of personalities and I can also help with the mental side of esports. I will want to teach you ways to improve by yourself and teach about self-improvement. What to expect from my sessions: We will want to get an understanding on what your goals are, what your flaws are, what you are good at and then work together to make you solve your issues and reach your goals. I will give you something concrete to focus on/practice and ways to reach your goals in the future. Questions are the easiest way to teach so if you have any questions at any point, let me know and I will answer any questions you may have. Don't feel pressure about anything, I am there to help you and make the best out of your situation! I am a very friendly and calm person :D

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Team coaching!

Live coaching where we will watch replays together and work on your teamwork and rotations to work better together. We will also assess how to be better teammates for each other and giving some individual tips. After the session I will give your team something to focus on to improve your team.

1 Session 1 hour
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1 on 1 Live coaching session!

We will assess how we can reach your goals, by looking at replays, teaching about game theory and fixing your mistakes. I will give you specific ways to practice on your flaws to become a better player. Make sure to send a couple replay files you would like me to look at (or youtube videos etc. if you are on console) on discord metsanauris#0207

1 Session 1 hour
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Playing with me or against me (with coaching)

Play 1v1 against me or 2v2 with me (we can only play 2v2 if you are 1800mmr+)

1 Session 1 hour
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Replay review!

I will review your replay from individual POV and give you a brief analysis in a written form within 4 days of the replay sent (will be a lot faster usually, but if I'm not home for a weekend f.e I will do it on the monday) MAKE SURE TO ATTACH A VIDEO FILE TO THE REQUEST! It will not work otherwise, even if you send me the replay via discord!

1 Session 1 hour
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Training plan to rank up!

If you want your coaching to be more invested and more intensive, this training plan is for you! This is also the most complete coaching combo I have to offer.

3 Sessions 3 hours

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