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Heyllo Everyone, I'm MPg and currently #132 Orion Ranked player as well as best player in both Delaware and Philadelphia. Though I started like everyone else and was just a player aiming for greatness, but now I have been growing as a player exponentially and have gained many good wins such as Tweek, Gackt, Syrup Myran, LeoN, Icymist, Skyjay, NaitoSharp, Chag, Yonni, Zomba, Jakal, Wadi, Armadillo, 8BitMan, Bonk, Yoda Cage, etc. But with such wins... Read more

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Have you ever found yourself struggling against Mega Man? This is the place to go to learn the matchup and how to fight against an underplayed character! Notes will be taken on what to improve on.
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