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Hey, I'm Myth! 21 years old and currently competing at a high level in VALORANT! I have played FPS Games competitively for over 4 years starting from CSGO and at a high level in VALORANT for the past 2 years. Been a competing player since VALORANT was released and have over 1,000+ Hours of Coaching Experience. Within those 4 years, I have built many successful teams and brought up players from the ground up, many who are reputable in the Scene. ... Read more

Testimonials (16)

  • “MythicalNZ is a fantastic coach. Not only does he tell you what's wrong, he tells you why its wrong and how to fix it. I cannot recommend him enough!”


  • “MythicalNZ is very knowledgeable and was able to point out parts of my game that I was doing well as well as some easy places for me to improve.”


  • “Great coach. Effective training, insightful and actionable advice. Accessible between sessions for additional guidance. Would recommend!”

    David Glover

  • “Well to start off we did a 1 on 1 session and he helped alot explaining alot after the match without alot of ingame backseating very respectable thank you”


  • “I had a great session with mythical as he really broke down the problems and how to fix them, he pointed out the major mistakes and some minor mistakes witch has help me change the way I play and see things instead of just jumping to conclusions, he's guided me into taking notes on what I could be achily doing instead of complaining. So thank you Mythical for the awesome coaching.♥”


  • “Had an amazing first session with MythicalNZ - I really appreciated the time he took to demonstrate each point he made about my gameplay and helped me understand not just what was wrong but why. Some concepts he went into I always saw people say are super important but this is the first time anyone's actually explained how to achieve it in an understandable way and I can already see how I'm implementing it. He really knows what he is talking about and so easily figured out my weaknesses. He brought up things I never even realized I was doing wrong, which is exactly what you want in a coaching session. Highly recommend and will definitely be doing more sessions and a training plan next !”


  • “highly recommended to other very great at explaining love the session recommend coming back. Loved how he briefly explained everything good coaching advice”


  • “Mythical is a top tier coach. Not only was he extremely positive, he provided helpful + insightful feedback. After our session, Mythical went above and beyond by providing me with an incredibly in depth session summary. If you're in the market for a positive, passionate coach, Mythical is your guy.”


  • “The session was absolutely amazing he let me pick what type of live coaching I wanted (live backseating, watching and taking notes, a bit of both) and he told me exactly what I needed to improve on. At the end he went into a custom match to show me some examples of what I could have done better and explanations of the notes he took. He also sent me a word document with all the notes and what I need to work on. 10/10 would 100% recommend”


  • “Dude was awesome. Went into detail about the mistakes I was making and corrected them in a way that made me actually understand why they were mistakes, rather than berating or calling it stupid like others would. 10/10 would recommend. Using any cash I get on Christmas to buy a training plan.”


  • “Booked a live VOD review with Myth on a whim the other day and boy was that a good decision. He was able to pinpoint the main areas of my gameplay that were lacking, specifically my critical thinking during the rounds and helped guide me on a path to improvement. Its very clear that Myth cares more than the average coach, as he worked with my busy schedule and even worked with me for quite a bit more time than I was scheduled for! I haven't even begun to implement the tools he gave me and I already understand the game on a more fundamental level than before, and I can only imagine what levels of improvement I can achieve with a couple more sessions and some aim training plans. I look forward to working with Myth more in the future and suggest that anyone willing to learn and get better at Valorant should do the same.”


  • “MythicalNZ is an amazing coach, I love his coaching style and how in depth we got during the session. He will be able to spot what you need to work on immediately and he'll check up on you to see your progress. I highly recommed MythicalNZ if you are needing a coaching for aim training and for valorant.”


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