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CS:GO has been my full-time job for the last 8 years, having played PRO CS:GO and accumulated over 150.000 YouTube Subscribers + over 100.000 Twitch Followers in the process. Since 2018 I've been a PRO CS:GO Player, mainly as AWP. I'm one of the most versatile CS:GO players in PRO CS:GO, having played everything from AWP to IGL to Support to Star Rifle in PRO CS. This unique player profile allows me to provide high-tier coaching for any role, ... Read more

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  • “Great session accomodated my playstalye to his thoughts didnt over or under complicate anything and was just an overall really nice dude.”


  • “Amazing value for money and experience gained. He opened my eyes to many concepts and ideas that I didn't consider and can recommend him for all levels.”


  • Available 6:00 AM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $50

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Instead of focusing on individual mistakes/plays, we will focus on the macro-game - making sure that people are setup properly, supporting each other, trading, etc. We'll be jumping on a Discord call with you (and your team) to optimise your performance. Together we will discuss and analyse one of your recent matches while I give tips on how to better handle certain situation... Read more
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