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Hi there! My name is Nathan, better known as ncj. I am a Rocket League coach who has coached in the RLCS. I first started playing Rocket League 2 months after it was released (2015), I played at a relatively high level before retiring as a player and turning my attention to coaching. I have been coaching Rocket League around 4 years ago and have coached teams within the top 8 in the RLCS. I have been an RLCS Regional finalist in MENA , APAC and ... Read more

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  • “ncj gave me clear pointers on what I could have done in certain scenarios differently to get a better outcome. His point of view helped me understand how better players would react to my actions, which helps a lot. Since my goal is to become a better player I will also be facing better players. It is nice to see ncj also credit the good plays and decisions. Overall he gave me a good understanding of what I should work on, but also on what I am doing right. While explaining how situations should be handled, ncj also recognizes the factors like that you queue up with a random teammate with a good understanding of my POV. Altogether, he gave me a lot of good pointers on what I have to focus on and work on improving. His replay analysis helped me out a lot and I can only imagine how much more value his Live Coaching Sessions will bring to the table!”


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Rocket League

Rocket League

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Let's hop in a Discord call and watch 1 or 2 replays or live matches. I'll give you knowledge to improve your game and record the session. Afterwards I'll give you a written write up and link to your coaching sessions video for future reference.


$20.00 USD

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