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My name is Od26 aka Sam. I'm a Ranked Valorant coach who's coached over 1,200 people. I've seen tons of them hit their goal/dream rank that they didn't think was possible after being hard stuck for extended periods of time. I'm typically a more laid back coach who jokes around. But I put a heavy emphasis on self accountability. In terms of skill I aim to eventually go pro in Valorant as I've hit radiant 5 times. but for now I'm simply a better co... Read more


  • Available Dec 23, 2022
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Scheduling PLEASE READ if I fail to schedule around those start times your request will be rejected. "GMT -5" Either pick one of these Start Times 9:00 PM CST = 7:00 PST | 8:00 MT | 10:00 EST 10:30 PM CST = 8:30 PST | 9:30 MT | 11:30 EST Instructions 1.) Upload a game you recorded onto YouTube 2.) Send me it VIA discord 3.) Link me your tracker.gg/valorant 4.) We will privat... Read more


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