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I currently work with Cloud9 Training Grounds, an arm of Cloud9 that is dedicated to helping individuals of any rank improve in Valorant. I currently have 500+ hours of individual and team-oriented coaching with over a 4.9* rating out of 5 and over 100+ happy and very satisfied clients and customers. I coach and work with a wide range of players from Unrated to Radiant. I have a specialization in working with and coaching Lower Elo players (Unr... Read more

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** PLEASE READ: It is much better to come prepared with 2 clips. 1) Where you think you played well 2) Where you think you played poorly ** This will be a free consultation to allow us to touch base and for us to get to know each other. I will use this time to see and gauge where your areas of improvement are and what and facilitate and walk you through how my coaching work... Read more



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