Hello, my name is Keagan "FisherFTW" Dickinson I am an ex-semi-professional csgo player currently residing in Zimbabwe(GMT+2), I have been playing csgo at a high level since 2015, and with over 12,000 hours of in-game experience. I have competed at several lans and placed high in local tournaments as well as played for some of the best teams in my region. I have been coaching professionally since 2015 and have personally coached more than 400 students in that time, I have worked on all the top coaching websites such as BetterGamer, Egg-one school, WeCoach, and more, and now I have taken up my mantle at Metafy. To see some written reviews from other platforms I have compiled a small list in this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BVAYKX0CrUPymusDt2SYDwDkRFc2LxWuoIzvI7g2-f0/edit?usp=sharing All Premium lessons are recorded/edited and uploaded to youtube which are available to be watched later. I also offer Custom Student Dashboards which are used to record our lessons and as an easy place to look back on notes and recordings this is only available with Premium coaching: Example Dashboard: https://phisherftw.github.io/Example-Student-WebPage/ During my time as a coach, I have created a syllabus that encompasses the entirety of CSGO from basic to advanced understanding of the game and how to play it so I can effectively and efficiently work with players of all knowledge and skill level, during knowledge-based lessons the student will be allowed to pick topics from the syllabus that most interest them for us to cover during our lesson below is a small preview of the overarching topics which then get broken down several times, and upon booking of a knowledge-based session student will have access to the entire syllabus. 1 session = 2 hours. Fundamentals (2 sessions) Setup (1 session) Aim (T-side / CT-side 3 sessions) Movement (2 sessions) Map Knowledge (4 sessions) Utility (3 sessions) Feel free to book a free consult if you have any queries or questions or would just like to get to know me better as a player and coach.

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