I am an Ex - Professional Rocket League Player Fun fact about me: I used to play the very first version of rocket league, SARPBC, however I began to focus on COD competitively before returning in Season 5/6 Of Rocket League. I have been coaching alongside professional play for the best part of 5 years now and am on the journey to provide anyone and everyone AS MUCH of my knowledge from my years of competing as possible I have consistently competed in RLCS Events in EUROPE (Most competitive region) with some of my better results being: Top 8 RLCS 2021-22 Winter: EU Regional Event 1 Top 13 RLCS Season X Winter: EU Regional Event 2 Top 12 RLCS Season X Fall: EU Regional Event 1 Top 12 Spring Series Top 6 Fusion (Tournament ran by JohnnyBoi_i, Sponsored Incivik - Psyonix) Made RLCS X - The Grid for both Winter and Spring Split RLCS Rotterdam Major RLCS Regional Finalist

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Rocket League Coaching

I have a few tournament successes/achievements under my belt including: Making it to the renegade cup finals sponsored by psyonix themselves (Top 12 Teams over a 4 month period compete for $20,000) Winning the ESL Finals Making round 2 of the Rocket Baguette Grand Prix Losing to Team Secret by 1 Goal in the final Many other smaller achievements Top 12 Spring Series Top 6 Fusion (Tournament ran by JohnnyBoi_i, Sponsored Incivik - Psyonix) Top 12-14 RLCS Regional #1 Top 17-22 RLCS Regional #3 Made RLCS X - The Grid for both Winter and Spring Split I pride myself in being able to provide knowledge and fun experiences for everyone. This is how my sessions would pan out: We spend around 5-10 minutes talking about strengths and weaknesses in the game, if wanted we may go over a replay so that I can get a better understanding of what it is that you want to be coached for. We will then go into a private match where I can assess skills and mechanical ability for advice on how to improve it. I have a entire list of resources like training packs, workshops, drills and freeplay practice information that I will provide you with recommended choices depending on what the session focuses on. I tend to want to have multiple options for you to choose from after this point whether you want to: - Play some casual games and I give you feedback on how I feel you are playing - Play some ranked games in order to get that competitive feel and I provide you with either a list of pros and cons or just some feedback/advice on what you could improve on - Client Ideas: This would be where you provide an idea that you would like to try out and do something that I haven't listed above. - At the end of every session I will create/provide a personalised training pack for all you're improvement needs (10-15 shots) Apart from this, I want to be able to provide you with a service that not only leaves you with the ability to improve a lot but I want you to have enjoyed and found the sessions fun because I pride myself in being a fun, yet serious coach. 

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