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Hey, I'm Praevius, a full-time professional League of Legends Coach working within the European regional leagues for the last 4 years on teams such as MnM Gaming (NLC Division 1), mYinsanity (Prime League Division 1) & Hyperion (Forge of Champions Grand Final). During my competitive coaching career I've worked with a vast range of players in all roles ranging from Iron to Challenger 1450 LP (Rank 8 EUW) & you could be next! I coach on any regi... Read more

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  • “Very polite, nicely detailed explanations of his background and approach to tutoring. Good overview of general workflows and plans.”


  • “Praevius did a great job of breaking down jungle macro for me and showing me how I can improve. He is very patient and knowledgeable, I highly recommend his 1v1 sessions!”


  • “Had a great time with Praevius. loved the conceptual ideas he gives about the game. makes it appear way easier than most of us make it out to be”


  • “I believe Praevius understood the way I try to play the game and gave me the best advice that suited my playstyle. He helped by using in-game situations to explain abstract concepts, that could be used in any game. Great coach!”


  • “I believe a good coach is a good life coach as well, and Praevius focuses not only on the game, but life and your mindset as well. Extremely knowledgeable.”


  • “It was a great experience! During the first session, we didn't go over games, but he gave me an outline of how I should approach each game. I'm booking again!”


  • “Was great just to initially talk to and learn from, in our pre interview session. He definitely knows what he's talking about.”


  • “Overall really good experience and I learned quite a bit, hes very nice about explaining the game and jungling. Would 100% get another session.”


  • “Awesome Coach! Really friendly and goes into detail of what you need to do to improve!”

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