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My name is Pullks! I am a Challenger Jungler on the NA server who mains Nunu & Willump. I aim to provide educational content for free on my Youtube and Twitch channel while providing in-depth coaching for those who request it. I am thorough and take my time with each student. I believe everyone deserves access to coaching, if you are interested in booking me but struggle to gather the funds necessary please DM me on discord and we can discuss a... Read more

Testimonials (5)

  • “Very informative, patient and supportive coach, gave me tips and builds to climb with.”


  • “Pullks did a great job coaching and leaving me with goals and improvements so I can improve in the short and long term. Highly recommend.”


  • “Pullks did a great job at noticing my mistakes and giving feedback on them in a non-overwhelming was and was very knowledgable of the game”


  • “Pullks even before the session began was very nice and he explains everything very well during the session and he is very patient with lower elo players.”

    Lewis Walker

  • Available 12:00 PM Today
  • Live Sessions starting at $25
  • moderate Cancelation Policy

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League of Legends

League of Legends

4 lessons

Live sessions

*FOR NUNU ONLY* I am 900LP Challenger. I will join you in a Discord call and you will stream your League of Legends game to me. I will be right beside you helping you win the game and improve your overall macro/micro. We will spend time before the game reviewing optimal setup for your specific champion/role. There will also be time for questions afterwards.
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$50.00 USD

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