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Pro Rocket League Freestyler with 4,000 hours . I am also in Pulse Clan the biggest clip hitting team in the Rocket League Freestyle scene. I am here to help you with you're competitive experience with godly mechanics and also with your freestyling experience! The main thing with mechanics is that this will take TIME but very much worth it in the long run as you are literally destroying your opponents with the most flashiest mechanics and leavi... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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Before we do this its essential to be at least GC+ and quite mechanical! In this session we will go over how to always have a clip opportunity 2-3 clip opportunity in a game and see how I play in a 2v2 Competitive environment and also you get to play with me! I will help you to clip your opponents in your games. Use your mechanics to your advantage to overthrow your opponents... Read more
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