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Hello! I'm Maktuf :D I am a freestyler for the Pulse Clan. I have 200+ hours in RL freestyle coaching experience and about 6,000 hours in the game. You may or may not have seen me play before. I have played in a couple of very big solo freestyle tournaments, I have a YouTube channel and I occasionally make appearances in other YouTuber videos. But, that is not important, I am here to teach you as much as I possibly can about the world of freestyl... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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OBJECTIVE: give you full insights of what you need to know and learn to become a better freestyler in any given freestyle genre that you like. Or just learn a new freestyle shot. --- o --- THE SESSION: We will join a call and say hi 🙂 You will first tell me all you know about freestyling (literally anything), then you can tell me what you want to see yourself doing in t... Read more
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