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I've been playing Valorant since Beta. I've reached Immortal 3 (307rr) at my peak. I can play any role in the game and can play them well. I have a passion for improving as both a player and a coach, as well as helping others improve with me. I have a very good understanding of Valorant and am very good at identifying issues/mistakes within my student's gameplay. My students often see very quick improvement in their gameplay and rank. On average,... Read more

  • Available 9:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $20
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3 lessons

Live sessions

What you will receive from me! • In-depth coaching going over your mechanical mistakes, strategical mistakes, covering game sense, and giving advice on pretty much every flaw I see • I'll review your stats to get a rough estimate on what you could improve on, as well as see what agents are best suited for you • Advanced in-depth 1 on 1 coaching • Access to a private playlist f... Read more


$20.00 USD

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