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Hi, my name is Paul Ruiz aka Ralfdude. I won the VG Pokemon World Championships in 2018. I've been playing Pokemon competitively since 2013. Pokemon is my life. I've traveled to lots of different countries to play Pokemon and I've always been a very competitive person in everything I do and Pokemon is no exception. Some people have told me I am considered the best Pokemon VGC player of generation 7 of Pokemon, mainly because of my results back-t... Read more

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  • “Paul's VGC knowledge is fantastic. His coaching is focused, hands on, and enlightening. Highly recommend!”


  • “Fantastic session! Paul knows his stuff and showed how to patch some serious holes in my team. Highly recommend!”


  • “A really great session! Everything went smoothly and we had a productive hour where I learned a lot, and had some of my own ideas challenged and changed in a good way. I'll definitely book again in the future,”


  • “Paul is fantastic to work with! Professional, attentive and most importantly focused on meeting your goals. I felt like Paul, personally wanted me to achieve my goal and was working together with me to achieve it. 100% recommend.”


  • “Ralf is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and has an excellent step-by-step approach to coaching. Highly recommend his package for tournament preperation!”


  • “Enthusiastic and kind - I could tell he wanted me to succeed and he met me where I was at. His questions and suggestions were exactly what I needed to hear and consider. I will definitely be booking more sessions and highly recommend it to players of all levels.”


  • Available 11:00 PM Monday
  • Live Sessions starting at $45

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

8 lessons

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Do you have an specific topic you want to focus on? Are you stuck and don't know why and how to get better? This lesson is for you. All aspects of coaching can be featured here.


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