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Hello I'm Ravenking! I have been a competitor for 7+ years started off in melee and smash 4 shortly after. When ultimate I came out I wanted to take myself to the next step and decided to just learn everything about ultimate to my best ability. Been a student in the game for 3+ years and have gotten lessons from many coaches you might recognize from Ramses, Egaz, Rivers, IzAw, Rickles, Zeke etc. One of the biggest advantages for any competitive... Read more

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  • “He had a top-notch understanding of Joker and could simplify complex topics. A fun and nice coach, looking forward to my next lesson.”

    Chrommunist Party

  • “Great session. Really helped me identify things I could work on. Also just helped me understand how I could review my own gameplay better.”


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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