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. Examples of my work I make coaching content on YouTube so you can easily check out some of my work before you book a session to be confident that I'm the real deal. I'm proud of the coaching I provide, so I urge you to check it out! Link: My coaching and pro experience... Read more

Testimonials (8)

  • “Rogue is a masterclass coach. He's able to adapt his teaching to all skill levels and provides TANGIBLE, actionable tools you can bring into your games. After my initial intro session, even though I hadn't booked any paid sessions yet, he took the time to answer my questions in his discord community. Once we started a training plan he proved to be an empathetic, active listener in my areas of struggle and provided meaningful feedback that I could take to the rift. After just our first session I climbed from Iron 4 to bouncing between Bronze 1 and 2. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to up their game and develop a relationship with an exceptional teacher.”


  • “Highly recommend Rogue! Very friendly, I didn’t feel judged what so ever and he explained situations in game thoroughly and it’s already improving my games.”


  • “Me being a plat top laner, Rogue gave me lots of detailed advice tailored to my skill level. He went into finer details regarding wave management, tempo, and decision making that, while not immediately obvious, are crucial to securing a lane advantage. I would highly recommend him to players of all skill levels.”


  • “Rogue is awesome and gives no-BS analysis and recommendations that you can employ in your games immediately”


  • “Easy, simple game plan, super friendly, I will be coming back”


  • “Great coach he's super friendly and easy to listen to, makes stuff super simple and breaks stuff down for you highly recommend”


  • “I booked a 30 minute free intro session. He taught me so much about early laning and situational roaming; I learned way more than I anticipated. He gave me a mental checklist to inform my decision-making. I'm an old man (40) and this game isn't intuitive, so he broke it down in the simplest terms and made sense of my replay rather instantly. Impressed and eager to learn more!”


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League of Legends

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In this FREE introductory session we will get to know each other, have a quick look at your OP.GG / profile and talk about the problems you face / your goals or goal rank and how we're going to get there. We'll then have a quick VOD review of one of your games so that you can get an idea of what my coaching is like and the value it's going to bring you! At the end of the se... Read more



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