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Hey, my name is Ruben and I'm a former professional League of Legends player. I've been coaching full-time since 2020 but still managed to peak Challenger every season since Season 3. Competed since 2013 until 2019 and started coaching since there's a lot of talent out there, but not so many coaches who can get the best out of their players and that's the role I want to have! I am also the Rank 1 Swain in the world, if by any means I don't answe... Read more

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  • “Extremely knowledgable coach with great teaching instincts too, already feel on a path to improving under his guidance”


  • “Ruben was an incredible coach. He cleared up the loss of direction I was feeling while jungling. Ruben helped me by showing how I can build concepts and plans that I can apply in my games. He took time to understand the problems I was dealing with. Because of this I am now performing in my games at a higher level. I will be applying for another session soon”


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This is the first step to improve. We will get the chance to meet each other, giving us time to discuss your goals, where you think you are struggling, and how I will help. Connecting for the first time is a great way to allow me to gain insight into your gameplay, ensuring an efficient next coaching session.
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