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Greetings, Ryuu here! I have been coaching and analyzing teams for almost a decade. I love teaching, helping people, setting up progress for others, and improving myself in the process! I have made many improvements to top teams all across the globe in a variety of games: RLCS and RLRS before Rocket League went free to play. RLCSX high placings with my current teams, and Overwatch League with Florida Mayhem! That gives me a vast bank of experien... Read more

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  • “Great coach, showed me exactly what i was doing wrong and prerfectly explained what i needed to work on in a way that i could understand, highly recommend<3”


  • Available 12:00 PM Friday
  • Live Sessions starting at $25
  • flexible Cancelation Policy


Rocket League

Rocket League

3 lessons

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$25.00 USD

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