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Hello there! I'm Sabi, I have over 15 years of professional coaching experience and have been competing at the highest level in E-sports for just as long. I have experience coaching all kinds of players from ages 6 all the way to 75 and from brand new all the way to top 10 players. Currently I am the head coach for 2 up and coming E-sport organizations looking to make a name for themselves in the RLCS. What separates me from other coaches is my ... Read more

Testimonials (61)

  • “If I had to describe Sabi in one word, it would be professionalism. He breaks down everything well, so that you can understand it. I recommend him to EVERYONE!”

    Pisti 21

  • “Great coach that understands how to explain difficult things in a very easy way to understand. I would recommend his coaching to anyone that is interested.”

    Steven Biegel

  • “10/10 Would recommend, Very helpful, made me think about the game in so many ways that I have never before, very nice guy too!”


  • “Awesome experience working with Sabi! Thorough, chill, focused, knowledgeable, and seems genuinely interested in your success. Will absolutely be back for more!”


  • “Definitely found my flaws and areas on where I can improve. Not only did he show me where I made mistakes he explained how to improve! Definitely recommend!”


  • “Gave me a good insight into what i need as a new player and listened and answered every question well”


  • “Sabi is by far one of the best. Explains everything so you understand it and creates a solid training plan for you.”


  • “Sabi is very knowledgeable about the game. He talked with enthusiasm and helped me get a better understanding of the game! Looking forward to more sessions:)”


  • “Amazing coach, made train in a new way that gave me a real level boost ! He will give you the tools and motivation to achive all of your goals !”


  • “Great experience, He helped with many different aspects of my game and ranked me up from plat 1 to diamond 2! amazing, 10/10!”

    Theodoric von Buffel

  • “Sabi did a great job breaking down my decision making and did an amazing job explaining how to make better in game decisions. 100% getting another session”


  • “First session was amazing. I learned some key mechs that have elevated my skills in game and can't wait for the next session”

    Death Ruin

  • “My 1st session with Sabi was really eye-opening. He quickly adapts to work out the priorities. I've got plenty to work on & looking forward to my next session.”


  • “I am delighted to work with Sabi as it is my first time. I've only had a few sessions and Im already really enjoying working with him”


  • “I thought "I'm the best player" but realized I am not. I have many things to work on. Sabi is the best person to help you and is experienced in his job. Bravo!”


  • “My 1st session with Coach Sabi will definitely not be my last. He noticed where I wanted to improve & immediately catered to my specific goals with clear tips!”


  • “Thanks to Sabi and his rocket league wisdom I now know where to start in my journey to SSL. Looking forward to our next session.”


  • “He's extremely knowledgeable when it comes to MANY different aspects of the game. Would recommend him to literally anyone best coach I've met so far. 10/10”

    Soduko Gaming

  • “Sabi was a great coach! He helped so much and explained things very well, and it all helped a lot!”


  • “My teammate and I started taking lessons from Sabi a month ago. He immediately was able to show us and teach us high level plays but also fundamentals. Sign up!”


  • “Sabi is a top notch coach with a ton of practical experience he brings in to every session. He will make sure you get something out of your session and goes above and beyond that to teach in a way that will help you learn to teach yourself. This is the coach to go to if you’re looking for long term improvement in your game!”


  • “Experience was absolutely awesome. You can tell Sabi has a ton of experience just off how he views the game. He also does a great job to point out that everyone makes mistakes. Even mentioning that every mistake he sees a student make, he's made the same mistake thousands of times more. Makes him feel very relatable. Great experience overall. Will be going back!”


  • “Sabi is obviously someone who has been coaching for a while and it shows. His insight into the game and how to improve was evident throughout the session. Would recommend him to someone looking to improve and thoroughly enjoyed the hour spent with him.”


  • “Gave some really good advice to help improve my gameplay, I highly recommend if your looking to speed up your progress.”


  • “Even with just the 30mins free consultation I felt very comfortable with Sabi. He was very clear and lated out what could be achieved. I'd definitely recommend”


  • “There is a lot to say about Sabi, but what strikes out most to me is the brilliant marriage between his passion for the game, and education. Speaking as a coach and teacher in multiple physical mediums for 12 years myself, Sabi just gets it. He is fantastic at breaking concepts and mechanics down into something easily digestible. I also very much appreciate he follows the principle of KISS, "Keep It Simple Stupid!" (no he did not say that to me, he is way too kind) by emphasizing priority on clean hard shots, recoveries, and momentum. Basically all the things that actually win games. Sabi blew my mind with some incredibly unique drills I have not seen anywhere else, drew out all my mistakes on the replay whiteboard style, pulled up videos for us to watch for certain examples, and provided live demonstrations as answers to all my questions/struggles. We also went over on time for each session. Also like most people, I felt I knew what my weaknesses were. I did not expect to be working on the things I'm working on now, and I am already seeing an incredible improvement while also clearly seeing how greatly this will impact my gameplay. Will definitely be getting more sessions. Much love Sabi!”


  • “Sabi was really friendly, and has a good eye on what can be done to improve. Gives positive feedback, and gives tips and "Drills". Overall great experience.”

    MidBlue 23

  • “Simple intro session to get to know Sabi's coaching style. Satisfied and will probably be booking a session soon!”


  • “He is a very good trainer, a lot of knowledge and knows how to approach people. He makes you think about RL in a completely different way. Highly recommend him”


  • “This man is so chill when he teaches. It's a welcoming experience and he breaks everything down bit by bit. He has this stuff down to a science and he's great at explaining it 10/10 would book again”


  • “Great job powered through being sick and gave really good advice as well”


  • “Awesome coach and good session, super well communicated and explained things clearly. By the end of the session we had a plan in place to start improving and things to work on before the next one. Definitely recommend!”


  • “He was welcoming he answered every single question that i had. It felt like he’s the right coach for me”


  • “when we started coaching i was about champion 3 i purchased an hour session and we reviewed a replay and he gave me some stratagies for what i was doing wrong a little after that i was peaking around 1400 mmr sadly i didnt get gc but it definitly helped me”

    Dragon Ice

  • “Sabi was immediately able to find ways in which I can improve and was able to clearly communicate ways in which I can improve.”


  • “The coaching from Sabi is really enjoyable, he goes over everything very indetail and provides a lot of information about any question asked.”

    Decayer | Tim

  • “Big brain individual that planted some high IQ seeds in my braun.”


  • “He's really nice and really helpful helping people giving people advice he's cool”


  • Available 2:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $40
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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If you are unsure of weather or not coaching is for you then lets chat! We will hop in a discord call together and discuss your goals for the game and how I will be able to help you accomplish them!



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