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♐Coaching is not *just* being high elo.♐ 💫There are many Challenger coaches like me - but not many with my background in team psychology and 2400+ sessions coached. ✨Stop wondering how to win more✨ ✨Get yourself a coach who actually understands and plays the game at Challenger level, as well as getting record insane winrates✨ ✨Calm and relaxed vibes / style, best for people getting coached for the first time ⭐I'm a FULL TIME Coach ⭐2400+ real recorded sessions coached all Lanes & Elos ⭐400 five-star reviews ⭐Winrate demon: Challenger 1000lp ⭐ 73%wr 700LP ⭐ 79%wr @ 600lp ⭐ I'll teach you how to win more ⭐ #1 Lucian WORLD ✅No other coach in the market has my success %, I am the best at making every student improve ✅Example coaching session: ✅Example coaching session (high elo): ⭐Check packages! I have systems and packages that no other coach uses: 1v1 sparring, habit audits, game&live coaching, mechanics bootcamps, and more! Get an opportunity to see the game like pro players do & re-build your fundamentals from the ground up. I'll tell you the secrets I use and apply to get such high winrates. What separates me from other coaches? I don't just mention your mistakes. I'll completely rewire how your mind works when approaching League. You will see it reflected in your rank, I guarantee it. What's a usual session like? ✅ Pool, meta & draft ✅ LIVE GAME or VOD REVIEW: key errors keeping you from winning ✅ Key areas to work on ✅ Fundamentals: theory & practice ✅ Tasks, homework & drills ✅ Hidden high elo concepts ✅ Micro, macro & wave management ✅ Every student gets a spreadsheet and resources to keep track of the improvement, homework, etc. ✅ Your sessions are saved with VODs you can always rewatch ✅ Always receive homework & DM support before and after sessions - it's a whole program ✅ Get access to my student Discord where you'll get to ask questions, learn concepts, get your gameplay reviewed and more! ✅ Examples: // - Example session with homework, spreadsheets, live review: - ...also I've been told I have a very calming style - so it's ideal if you feel pressured or nervous.

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Welcome to the Big Leagues

Congrats on going Pro! You now have the ability to offer paid sessions, groups, and guides. You also get access to The Handbook and even more resources to help you grow your business into the powerhouse we know it can be.