Sam Rolph

Sam Rolph


I am a certified online magic grinder with thousands of matches in all competitive formats across MTGO and Arena. Some highlights of the grind are a win at Arena Championship 1, two T16 finishes at Mythic Championships in the same season, two MOCS appearances and culminating in a season competing on the Rivals League. Apart from my pro play, I have PTQ top finishes in every constructed and limited format, but a love for vintage cube. I want to help you replicate my journey from grinder to a competitor at the top of the game and share the skills that I have learned along the way. I aim to teach about all facets of the game. For constructed, I take a particular focus on in-game strategy, technical play, deck selection/metagaming, and side boarding in constructed. In limited I am strongest in draft strategy and deck building. Outside of the game, I can offer insight on handling painful losses and managing the mental side of the competitive game. Wherever your starting point is, I look forward to working with you to achieve your Magic goals and improve as a player in all aspects of the game.

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