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PROFESSIONAL COACHING FOR EVERY ROLES Do not hesitate to DM me on Discord before booking if you have any issues or question (Discord Sama#6636) I'm a Full Time Coach, I have been coaching competitive league for 4 years now in different ERLs and Solo q. If you want to get high elo or you feel like you are stuck? With my coaching you will climb consistently because I will help you on your fundamentals You will get an opportunity to see the game ... Read more

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  • “He has amazing insight and guided me a lot regarding what to focus on. Will definitely give him a try again. Keep it up 💯”


  • Available 6:00 AM Today
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League of Legends

League of Legends

3 lessons

Live sessions

This session is based on a small 15 Mins Review of your lane and the rest of the 15 mins is to answer your questions if you have about the session, Expectation from me as a coach, about gameplay, and your issues as a player.



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