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I Just Wanna Play! Pub Matches

Apex Legends
Apex Legends
2 Sessions 2 hours $50

are you new to apex and want to learn how to keep up with your friends? Do you want to just loot fast and go fight? Well this session is for you! Learning the basics of Apex to a better extent than they give you in the firing range or in the beginning explanation of the game. Learn your favorite gun, basics of a legend, and nonetheless, HAVE FUN!

Sessions Overview

Basic Training of Legends

1 hour

Learning how to hit the ground running with the basic beginner steps of becoming an Apex Legend.

Loot and Scoot

1 hour

learning how to loot your drop spot and be able to catch up to your friends can help you be more confident in guns you decide to use if you don’t have your favorite or most used.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

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