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I'm ShimmyXD, a professional gamer with a passion for coaching Valorant. I've achieved the rank of Radiant, holding the top spot in the leaderboards (Rank 1). Throughout my gaming career, I've consistently maintained Radiant rank every Episode, showcasing my adaptability and consistency. With over 1000 RR peak, I have a deep understanding of the game mechanics and strategies. I bring two years of coaching experience, working with players of all levels, and have taught at a Junior High Esports program. I've competed in the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals, finishing second, and have served as a Tier 2 and Collegiate In-Game Leader (IGL). My strategic prowess and leadership skills enable me to analyze gameplay, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop effective strategies. I'm committed to helping players reach their full potential and achieve success in Valorant. The way I improve the skill sets of individuals is my making them more consistent I will make you gameplay disciplined and calculated.

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2 hour collegiate coach

1 Session 1 hour
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1 Game Live Coaching

I will watch you play one game and we will go over the game after where I fix your mistakes and teach you about the game. You are guaranteed to learn something new!

1 Session 1 hour
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2 Game Live Coaching

This lesson will entail -Basic PC and Valorant settings optimization -Mechanics -Watched game where I provide information and Another watched game where we implement information from game 1

1 Session 2 hours
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Free intro and Q&A

I will be happy to provide a free introduction and Q&A for those looking to to book live sessions for me. You can see for yourself my knowledge and expertise in Valorant. With this we can also optimize how our future sessions will go to allow for the most improvement.

1 Session 30 mins
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Collegiate Team Coach

3 hour team coaching session.

1 Session 3 hours
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Shooting and movement masterclass + training plan

I will provide a master class into the shooting and movement mechanics of Valorant I will go over every mechanic big or small I guarantee you will find out something you didn't know! I will be providing gun specific mechanics aswell!

1 Session 1 hour
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The training plan is a guaranteed way to improve at the game! In this plan you will receive a significant amount of 1:1 work. Throughout this plan I will make you a more consistent player from my IGL perspective!

8 Sessions 8 hours

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