My name is Mike, aka SilverRupee. I am a competitive Street Fighter player and have been competing for 5 years now, helping over 100+ people learn and grow as Street Fighter players and reach the goals they set out to achieve! Would you like to develop your game, helping to minimize mistakes, become more optimal, and rank up? Book an intro session to chat and let me get to know you and what your goals are! First a bit about myself, I started out in my local scene in Hamilton, Ontario before diving forward amongst the different scenes in Southern Ontario. Eventually building on myself and developing into a stronger player to compete across North America and next, globally! as well as being a player, I am also a commentator and pride myself on understanding the mechanical, theoretical, and practical aspects of SF. I focus on the in-game methods and practices, alongside the out-game aspects which can also help you to level up. I've spent my time playing to develop myself through self-teachings, along with helping other players grow and develop and working hard to help each other be the best versions of ourselves! Players such as Kaukyshadinkle (Best Falke player in Canada) and PaximusWaximus (Ed player from the US) have been people I've taught and helped to develop. As well, I've worked with a community of Ed players to help showcase and create the Fight Element Guide, a guide developed by Tragic, which is a comprehensive Ed guide providing information about the character, his optimal routes, and the utility that the character has. Working with me, I will focus on different parts of your game to develop a gameplan and an effective way to perform at your best. While also focusing on constant development, the following list includes (but is not limited to) what we will work on together: - Health Mentality (understanding the mental part of your game) - Composure and Accountability - Fundamentals (Listing and understanding the basic parts of any fighting game) - Building a game plan (what is your goal for the different stages of a round, what's your plan against specific characters, etc) - Neutral game - Frame traps and spacing traps - Shimmies and throw game (recognition of its usage and when to bait) - Mental stack/dividing attention (Understanding how to split your awareness across different situations, while also not overloading your sensory focus) - system machanics understanding (deeper understanding of when and what to use) - Optimal block strings and combo routes (Helping to build muscle memory to effectively punish and open up an opponent) - Counter-hit confirming

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