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Hi! :) Check out over 90+ reviews, training resources and performance tips on my Discord: I've reached the Top 100 Leaderboard numerous times, won LAN events, have 6+ years of coaching experience, am working on my master in psychology and have completed a year long online coaching education among other shorter ones, but coaching isn't about me, it's about you. How does a session look in a nutshell? We look at repl... Read more

Testimonials (12)

  • “Skizzen was my first coach and I'm so happy with my decision. He identified my key improvement areas and has given me confidence with rotations. Will book again”

    Tasty Mittens

  • “Provided a lot of amazing insight towards the game that I had not even thought of before. Great experience!”


  • “The coaching explained the weaknesses of the team and everyone knew after the coaching where and how to work on themselves to bring the team forward!”

    Felix Beckmann

  • “160 characters is not enough to describe how well my session with Skizzen went. His in depth explanations and coaching are well beyond expectations. 15/10!!”


  • “I can’t recommend Skizzen enough. We started out the session establishing goals and talking to get more comfortable with each other. After that we started getting into my play style. There were aspects of my game that I didn’t comprehend completely and Skizzen had an awesome way of breaking them down and showing me my mistakes and ways to improve. He also helped me break down my goals for the goal long term (whether I wanted to focus on rank/grind or if I wanted to go for flashy/freestyle) Throughout the whole experience he was very down to earth and gave a genuine human connection to the lesson. I will definitely be back for more coaching after I get the latest notes and improvements under my belt! Skizzen is the GOAT!”


  • “Sehr interessantes Training mit Blicke aufs Gameplay, die ich bisher nicht hatte, von der Trainingsstruktur bis hin zu spezifischen Fehlern im Gameplay.”


  • “This was the first time I got a coach and I expected it to be ok but Skizzen was very good and fully explained what I was doing wrong in only 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is stuck at a rank in rocket league. Skizzen explains everything well and will explain in depth every problem you have. Working with him was really fun because he was very nice and understood the issues I had fast.”


  • “Working with Skizzen was my first experience with a coach, and I don't see myself using anyone else in the future. He was very quick to analyze my gameplay as well as some of my personality traits that influence it. Although the primary focus of the session was reviewing replays, Skizzen spent lots of time engaging in conversation to truly learn who I am as a player. I'd recommend Skizzen to anyone who is interested in improving their gameplay both mentally and mechanically.”


  • “The first and only coach I wanna work with. Really good at analysing ur gameplay and explain where and how to improve. He really goes in for helping you and is personally invested in ur progress and improvment. I'm a way diffrent and better player then I was just a few weeks ago and its been amazing to see improvment almost everyday. Skizz is just so good to work with and also an amazing person, was really nice to get to know him hope to have more sessions with him in the future. 10/10 rating.”


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