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Hey there, my name is Stoyan! I'm a 25-year-old Bulgarian pro DotA player, and I'm here to enable you to get what you want out of this game. I've been playing DotA for over 15 years now, and apart from playing competitively I make highlight videos, stream, write guides, analyze drafts of the top teams, and of course coach people! Aside from all that, I love working out at the gym, going for walks, taking the time to socialize and spend time with... Read more

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  • “Gives you another perspective on how to play. He breaks down and gives you a detailed framework on how you can further improve so you can keep track!”


  • “Really good coaching, learnt a lot about the game. Very knowledgeable and has a structured framework, which I really appreciated. Highly recommended.”


  • “Great session. SlashStrike gave me a new perspective on how to play DOTA”


  • “I highly recommend Stoyan (SlashStrike) as a coach. I have gotten coaching from a variety of coaches across a number of positions, and he stands out as having given me a more comprehensive and detailed framework on how to think about various aspects of the game, from itemization to midgame decision-making. Particularly on the latter, I feel other coaches have given me very little guidance on that topic, whereas he conveys more clearly what to do and why. I will personally be doing more sessions with him because I know he can continue to go into further depth on the areas about which I am confused.”

    Samier Saeed

  • “He makes me feel that he takes his coaching seriously, and his advice is quite practical for me.”


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Dota 2

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Whether you're just a 5-stack of friends or a team looking to go pro, this lesson type is for you! After a quick introduction, I will be watching you guys play live and joining your Discord to listen to your communication. Depending on your preference, I can either stay silent during the game, or be vocal and help out with calls. Topics I can focus on include but are not lim... Read more
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