⤷ Meet Previous Students, Coach, and Get Free Vod Reviews: ⤷ Book with me Instantly: How I Help With hundreds of students and high-ranking experience I am able to tailor every session to your biggest areas of improvement, leading you on the quickest path to improvement. We will cover your major strengths and weaknesses and EXACTLY what to work on to step up your game. My coaching is not about telling you what you should have done. It's about teaching you what you could have to better equip you to adapt to any situation. My students better understand the game, play at their best and learn concepts at a level so high they're with the stars. ✨ I don't want you to book countless follow-up sessions every time you get stuck, I want to see you grow into the player you've always dreamed of. Experience I have coached over 600 students and reached Immortal 3 (#568 - one game from radiant .-.) as a Solo Queue & Fill player. Since Beta (2020), I have been reviewing and breaking down each rank and agent to help simplify and better understand the game for myself and other players. If I was picking a coach I'd want someone who has already had success with players in my position and experience achieving success themselves. If anyone knows the problems you face and the struggles you go through to make your goals happen, it's me. I am confident in my experience and the results of my students that I can transform any player ready to improve. Are you ready? I am available everyday 4-9PM EST Start with a Vod Review or Training Plan and contact me directly to get started on your journey → @slayerkey on discord Here's Some Cool Things I Wish More Students Asked About: - Premiere Team Coaching - Personalized Warmups - Daily Routine based on Pro's to Minimize Burnout & Maximize Improvement - Mentality Tricks for Tilt and Focus - Agent & Map Specific Server Work - Guide to Solo Queuing - ATK & DEF Focus Points also if you're another coach who likes stalking my profile (i see you O_O), shoot me a message and let's talk coaching :)

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