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I have been playing smash on a competitive level since 2016. I specialize in Shulk, Roy, Ike, Terry, and more but I can teach anyone no matter the character. I have a deep love for competition and the human psyche. I am currently attending college to look for a degree in Sports Psychology so I can help people with a competitive spirit like mine be the best they possibly can. I have been doing coaching for 3+ years off of Metafy in various Collegi... Read more


  • Available 3:00 PM Sunday
  • Live Sessions starting at $15

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

7 lessons

Live sessions

If you are unsure about booking me or not I highly consider picking this option. For no cost we can briefly discuss what my coaching entails to help you make a more educated decision on whether to book me or not!



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