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Sup fellow RL player! My name is Mateus, but some people know me most as STL(not from St Louis, but from the initials of my middle names) and I'm a Brazilian Rocket League Coach, currently coaching Furia. As many, I started as a player, beginning my journey in 2015 playing in a PS4. 2018-2019 was when I was starting to get Top 8 places in the SAM regions with some friends. After some months and college on my way, I started taking more of a backgr... Read more

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Rocket League

Rocket League

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You and me, on Discord! Stream your ranked match(yes, live!) to me! Understanding the reasons for your decision making is a crucial part of the process. You try to explain your way of think, I try to provide the best options to you. After the live match, you save the replay and we watch with more calm
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