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I am SuperCC, a professional Halo player and I want to give people the tools that will help them improve themselves as much as possible. I feel that I have a good amount of knowledge of Halo and the inner workings of the game and I love to spread that knowledge once I learn something, so I'd like to help as much as I can to get everyone to be the best player they can be. I can show many things that will likely help you break out of whatever rank ... Read more

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  • “After chase reviewed my gameplays and help me tweak my issues, I went from a Platinum 2 to a Diamond 2 in a couple days. I think reviewing footage was by far the best option if you are truly wanting to sharpen your skills. Also, ask about your settings. I changed quite a bit of my settings to what his preferences were and the changes were massive in my playstyle. 11/10. I will probably buy again in a couple of months if I plateau.”


  • Available 8:00 PM Tomorrow
  • Live Sessions starting at $10


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

9 lessons

Live sessions

I'll teach you all the ways to use the weapons and equipment to their fullest extent, the best positions to use those weapons in, the best spots to hold on maps, movement techniques and any other general questions you have about the game.


$35.00 USD

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