Hi everyone! My name is Steffen Eriksen. Next to my job as an associate professor in Finance, I play a lot of Pokémon TCG. At the moment of writing this, I have been playing for more than 18 years. In those years, I have won multiple events, qualified for Worlds 11 times, and been among the top players in the world ranking on multiple occasions. I love to teach, and I have also won multiple awards as a lecturer. I like to do things a bit differently, and I therefore take a more analytical approach on how to play Pokémon TCG. If you want not only to learn how to play well, but understand the math behind the Pokémon TCG, you are at the right place. Looking forward to be helping you become a better Pokémon TCG player.

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Pokémon TCG coaching

My Coaching not only focuses around gameplay (board state, optimal game plan etc.), but also on deck building, and especially the probabilities behind each decision you make. Feel free to check my Pokémath playlist on my YT channel to get a good grasp of the probabilities behind the game. If you have anything specific you want to go over deck building, matchups or tournament prep I can help with that as well. Sessions are done over Discord & PTCGL. Note: Each session is set at 55min.

1 Session 1 hour
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The Fundamentals of Pokémon and Probability

A training plan focused on teaching you not only how to make the most of every game, but also to understand the probability behind some of the decisions you make, and how you calculate them yourself. Sessions are done over Discord & PTCGO.

5 Sessions 5 hours

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