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Hey there! 👋 My name is Kelsy, I been in the scene since 2008 in the good ol’ allisbrawl days… and went competitive after graduating in media and communications in 2014. Since then, I have rose to being one of the influencers in our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. I have competed in top level events from Brawl, 64, Smash Wii U, and now in Ultimate. There are many achievements that I have accomplished, and many opportunities that I have been g... Read more

Testimonials (7)

  • “Kelsy is truly the best coach ever, she was so fun and instructive about everything, she took time to explain everything and answer every of my question !”


  • “During our session Kels opened the game up in a whole new light to see for me. My time with her was well worth it and I look forward to learning more form her.”


  • “My session with Kel's was super informative and helped me realize what I was doing was too much on my body, mentally. She helped me make a plan and develop strategies to manage my time (and my well being). This session is an important step one for me on my path to being a better person, and a better smash Bros player! Side note: I was gonna make a testimonial where I'd use a jigglypuff plushie to talk to the camera for this testimonial, but apparently video testimonials don't work on Android browsers ;w;”


  • “My coaching session with SuperGirlKels was amazing the way that she breaks down information made it easier to understand and practice she is a incredible coach”

    Luxray Eevee

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  • Live Sessions starting at $10
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

13 lessons

Live sessions

- We meet at a Tournament we're headed to together! Majors / Regionals / Locals included :) - I swit down with you in a 1 on 1 - I will support ALL your offline bracket matches with notes, advice, hydration and more. (If our matches conflict with each other, I can't do anything about that...) - This is not 1 hour long, its an entire day of that tournament setting.


$50.00 USD

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