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Hey my name is Synk I'm 19 Years Old and I have helped over 300+ Students. My Reviews are in my discord / I played Valorant since beta Peaking at Top 295 (Top 0.03%) on the Leaderboard and wish to help people achieve there desired rank. Experience 10+ Years of FPS Shooter Experience! 1k+ | Valorant | Top 295 2k+ | CSGO | DMG 2.5k+ | Fortnite | $900 Earnings 400 Hours | Rainbow Six 400 H... Read more

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  • “Synk is a great coach I want from gold1 to plat3 in the span of 3 months. Ik it seems like a long time for 5 rank ups but remember everyone improve at their own pace I would definitely recommend synk.”


  • “I was at a point where ranking up seemed impossible and hopeless, I had no confidence in my abilities and would therefore fail to climb for weeks. I decided to get a coach to help myself find out why that was and synk was exactly what I needed. They are wonderful at explaining to you what you are doing wrong and right, what to stop and what to continue. They are very friendly and are willing to treat you as a friend if you so desire/need. Highly recommend synk, I am at my peak rating of #6,157 now due to her, and we ain't stopping soon. Thanks coach.”


  • “When I first started to warm up before going on a session with them, I actually sold a lot of good choices I could have made during that time, like peaking when needed, or living to fight another day. But when I was coached by Synk, they made me realize the simple mistakes I made and this will improve my gameplay, this makes it so much easier to play like a good person at Bronze and hopefully I can be a Gold then whatever is next after in comp, thank you Synk for taking your time!”


  • “Great coach taught me hi level concepts in a simple manner!”

    Seth Persaud

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