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Hello, and welcome to my metafy page! I'm T3 DOM, the best Belmont player in the world! I've been ranked top 3 in Southern California, Top 60 Worldwide on Orionrank eclipse, and 23rd on the WWR. I've placed top 24 at multiple S tier tournaments and top 8 at smaller majors. I've used Belmont to defeat other world class players including MkLeo, Dabuz, Jakal, Myran, Elegant, Fatality , MuteAce, Charliedaking, and Chag as well as online wins over Spa... Read more

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  • “Dom's Coaching was amazing. Great Advice, Has Helped me Place better and Play alot calmer and stable. <3”


  • “Dom was very helpful and gave me lots of advice to help my neutral!”


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

6 lessons

Live sessions

This is the most popular session I offer. Essentially how this works is, you first fill out what character you play and what advice or help you are looking for so that we can tailor an hour lesson specifically for you! It can be for neutral, combos, recovering, you name it. Then we conduct an hour of matches with voice call in which I offer tips, advice, and point out any bad ... Read more


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