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Hello! I am Tander, a Rocket League pro and coach here on Metafy. And I'm certain you will be a much better player after our session! Here's a bit of my story: During my RLCS career, I have played for FURIA, Ellevens, and Lowkey in RLCS. These teams have broken records and won a huge amount of tournaments, including an RLCS Major. I love the strategic part of Rocket League and I have been studying the game ever since I started playing in 2015, with more than 15,000 hours logged in the game. As a professional player, that also means hundreds of hours spent analysing replays and rotations while perfecting how to act in every possible situation during a match. I have worked with many great coaches and done coaching myself for my teams and I can use all of the experience I have acquired over the years to push your game to the next level. We can work together to improve your game no matter what your current level or your objectives for the future - with my experience and knowledge of the game I will be able to help you get there and succeed as a player. My achievements in professional Rocket League as a player: - I have qualified for 4 RLCS Worlds events - RLCS X Major Champion - Played RLCS LANs in RLCS Season 7 (New Jersey) and Season 8 (Madrid) - First ever win from a SAM team at Worlds - Won RLCS Season 9 unbeaten, while making it the best-ever season in South America and one of the best across all regions (9 series won and 0 losses in the whole season) - 2x SAM RLCS Champion (RLCS Season 7 and 9) - Champion in multiple RLCS X Events (including Regionals) - ESL Premier League Champion

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Live 1:1 sessions are calls with the expert during which they share their wisdom with you as you play.

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This is the most preferred option: a 1 on 1 Gameplay Analysis Session! What does the session consist of? 1 - We will talk about your current situation as an introduction. I will need to understand what’s your current skill level, playstyle and what you want to achieve. 2 - Then we will analyze your games (with replay analysis and/or live games), to work on fixing your mistake... Read more
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