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Hey, My name is Ben โ€œThorโ€ Richter, Coach for the Overwatch Contenders EU Team Sheer Cold. I've accumulated over a thousand hours of pro reviews, coached multiple professional players and have experience in professional environments, also outside Overwatch. As an experienced coach, I'm here to share my knowledge of Overwatch with you. I won't only teach mechanical skills. I come up with a comprehensive picture that will be helpful for you to bec... Read more

Testimonials (4)

  • โ€œGreat coach, can help people at any skill level improve in the specific aspects they want to.โ€


  • โ€œHe is a very knowledgeable, and calm coach. He helped me by concisely answering questions, and provided me a clear plan as to what I should work on in order to improve at Overwatch. I would 200% booking lesssons with him!โ€


  • โ€œI highly recommend this man to anyone looking to pursue the game competitively. he is very in-depth with his teachings and very nice.โ€


  • โ€œThor was very helpful in determining the issues in my gameplay. He went in depth on some fundamentals and gave me a plan to guide my thought process in games.โ€


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  • Live Sessions starting at $18
  • flexible Cancelation Policy

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Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

7 lessons

Live sessions

In this teaser session, the goal is to get to know each other and talk about your goals. Other than this, I invite you to ask any questions about me, the game or the sessions that I offer. With this, I want to give you an insight into how I do my session, so you can see what fits your needs. Feel free to book a call with me! This is for NEW STUDENTS only!



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