Hello, my name is Ty! I'm a competitive Tekken player from Pennsylvania with over 6 years of experience. I have a large abundance of tournament wins and strong placements both regionally and nationally. I have had the opportunity to play with some of the best Tekken players all over the world, such as Knee, Arslan Ash, and Anakin to name a few. I also have several tournament wins over some of the strongest players globally. As someone who is extremely passionate about competing and competitive gaming as a whole, I have dedicated a huge portion of my life to learning this game and being the best I can be. I hope to be able to share this knowledge with you, and give you the information and analysis you need to be the best you can be as well. I have a large amount of experience travelling and competing, as well as a very diverse character pool. I have 9 characters at Tekken God Omega, the highest rank in the game, and another 8 at Tekken God Prime. I can play around 25 characters, nearly half the cast. Due to my large amount of playtime and experience, I am also more than comfortable helping you improve with a character I do not play, as I likely have a large amount of experience fighting against them. My strongest characters are Bryan, Marduk, Paul, Ganryu, Steve, Bob, Jack, Kazuya, Heihachi, Devil Jin, Dragunov, King & Miguel.

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