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I've been a league player for 11 years, I am former eSports player who is currently helping other league players to improve at the game. I have a very unique style of coaching that will make you feel like you are actually playing a competitive game, not just another game in soloQue. I'm also the inventor of trading triangle theory. During my time in a pro play I achieved 1st place in SLTV Starseries Season 1, Moscow Mayor Cup 2018, 2nd place in ... Read more


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League of Legends

League of Legends

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You will need to play live soloq match while I'll be watching you play via screenshare on discord. Once the game is done we go to a replay and I call you all the notes I had for the game with timestamps for every single moment. This type of session helps you to fix: → Macro mistakes → Micro missplays → Fundamental misconceptions → Issues with snowballing the game when you h... Read more
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