Challenger Jungler/Support EUW Pro player from Fnatic Academy Peak 1360 LP / Rank 8

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Vod Review 1 hr ( 1 or 2 games )

An Indept vod review of the things you ACTUALLY need to learn to get ELO no over complicating things simple and clean learning

1 Session 1 hour
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Opgg review

I will review your opgg and give you the best builds/runes and see what youre lacking

1 Session 30 mins
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Personal Challenger coach 1 week

I'll be your personal coach for a week and review 3+ games every single day of your choice

1 Session 3 hours
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Co Pilot

I will guide you through your game and tell you what u should do

1 Session 30 mins
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Vod Review 1 hour + Co pilot

2 Sessions 1 hour

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