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I'm Zie (pronounced like pie but with a z, and yes that's my real name) and I'm ranked 2nd in Louisiana and considered one of the best Palutena mains in the world! I've been competing in Smash since 2014 when I started with Melee and Project M, moved onto Smash 4 and now compete in Ultimate. I've always been one to help my friends improve at Smash since I know how hard it can be to get better without having anyone to rely on other than yourself. ... Read more

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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You and I can voice call over Discord to review a best of 5 set (2 to 3 games) that you'd like to look at. For our session, we can discuss matchup-specific interactions, how to beat certain strategies, decision making, etc. We can work together to write notes on things that we learn from the set, as well as miscellaneous bits of knowledge that are relevant to know. Lastly, feel... Read more
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