Learn from a player who is Challenger In Korea (Rank 56 988 LP) , Challenger in Europe (1100+LP) , Challenger NA (1100+ LP). Best Gangplank in The World and endorsed by pros Worldwide. Not Sure Yet? Check my Coaching Vods here ->

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Practice 1v1s + Ask Questions + OP.GG Review

Do any 1v1s on EUW or NA, ask me any questions and I'll give you tips on how to improve and climb.

1 Session 30 mins
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Live Session + Vod Review + Answer Questions

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL RANKS |You will send me your opgg to look at ahead of time and once we begin the session, you will hare your screen with me on discord as I coach you in real time on how to dominate your game including but not limited to, builds, playstyle, decision making, and ultimately how to carry. Following this will be a VOD review in which I break down the most important parts of the game and tell you how you could have executed aspects of the game more efficiently in an effort to make you a better player. Afterwards, a short Q & A / summary of the session.

1 Session 1 hour
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Fundamentals of Laning (Wave management and Lane Decision making)

RECOMMENDED FOR PLAYERS We hop on a discord call and I will go over the fundamentals of laning (with examples) including wave management, decision making before the game even starts (creating plans and understanding team compositions), and the best ways to optimize your laning and decision making to solo carry every game you play.

1 Session 1.5 hours
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Barrel God

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR DIAMOND+ I will teach you everything I know about being the best at being the best. You will learn how to DOMINATE as gangplank and learn how to use your barrels just like the best Gangplank in the West. The proper techniques and utilization of barrels in laning phase, teamfights, split pushing, and objective control.

1 Session 2 hours

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