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I am driven by improvement. If you are serious about looking for improvement, I am your guy. I work together both in and out of game to come to the best results where we can celebrate afterwards how far we have come from where we started. With every session I am looking for both of us to come out better than we did the hours prior. If you follow me from my stream or Youtube it's a pleasure to meet with you again, if you aren't, it's my pleasure t... Read more

  • Available 3:00 PM Saturday
  • Live Sessions starting at $40


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League of Legends

League of Legends

4 lessons

Live sessions

We will go over any matchups you have questions about or just want to try. I'll tell you how the matchup is SUPPOSED to be played and then show you (based off of your preference) how to win from both sides of the matchup. Questions are all accepted and you are in control


$40.00 USD